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Human Rights

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Human Rights

We empower people to hold the police and other detaining authorities to account for abuses of power, unlawful operations and acts, and misconduct.

Our civil liberties and human rights Legal Team specialises in police law and civil actions. They draw on their wealth of experience to provide a thorough case assessment and offer a strategic vision to remedy the state’s failures. Our Lawyers are committed to ensuring that the state including the police are held accountable.

Our team works tirelessly to represent the interests of individuals, groups and organisations seeking to hold those in authority to account.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Complaints against the police and representation throughout misconduct proceedings
  • Civil claims against the police, including in relation to:
    • False imprisonment, unlawful detention and loss of liberty;
    • Assault and battery;
    • Human rights breaches;
    • Negligence and failure to investigate;
    • Misfeasance and misconduct in public office;
    • Discrimination and claims under the equality act;
    • Malicious prosecution; and
    • Trespass to property or goods
    • Challenging policing decisions and police powers
    • Inquests into deaths in police custody or following contact with the police
    • Inquests into deaths in prison, immigration detention or hospital detention

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